"Thanks for your quick work and helping us promote our business. The Xpat Xchange is such a great tool!"
- quoted from ARM email 27.05.11

"Your site is truly excellent - what a wonderful service you are providing."
-quoted from EGJ email 27.05.10

"Never had the time to look at your about us page! Now I am glad to see the human side behind the web site. This is a site I keep coming back to regularly as one of the places I search for employment. I do think your alphabetical order categories is far superior to many other such sites, so for me that is a BIG +.

I think you have done well with XpatXchange.ch"
- quoted from SB email 26.05.10 

" People mention your web site all the time, so you have created a resounding success and I congratulate you."
- quoted from ER email 07.12.09

" And by the way, thank you very much for your support of local services of interest to x-Pat English speakers. I only hear glowing praise from customers who have found their way to US through YOU!"
- quoted from RK email 06.12.09

"What a fast service! Thanks a lot."
- quotes from email 24.11.09

"I would be honoured to be on your database. I have heard plenty about your website and it has only been positive."
-quoted from email 19.11.09

"Thank you so much for your pro-active professionalism! We really appreciate that !"
- quoted from email 11.11.09

"Thanks a lot for your efforts.  Wow, your website is awesome.  I haven't been in it that much but everytime I do go in there is so much more info.  Keep up the good work!"
- quoted from email 11.11.09

 "Many thanks.  I also want to compliment you on the website and thank you for maintaining it so well.  I am referring others to it as a resource on a regular basis."
- quoted from email 27.05.08

 "Thanks! I will look into all those links, I really appreciate the quick response;) "
- quoted from email 12.05.08

"Thank you so much for your help, Louisa. Your website is great!!"
-quoted from email 12.02.08

"I just wanted to say thank you for allowing the listing service on your site. My company is listed under financial advisors in Switzerland and I have recently gotten a few calls...the page is also very highly ranked in Google for financial planners in Switzerland...
Thanks again,"

Jonathan Lachowitz
White Lighthouse Investment Management

"I greatly appreciate having been able to list with you but one year ago I found a job c/o of your classified section and it has worked out for me"
-quoted from email 27.11.07

"I just saw the advertisement! It looks wonderful!!!! Thank you so much"
- quoted from email 08.11.07 

"...just a quick note to thank you for presenting our news on the new and beautiful website! You're doing a wonderful job with everything, and I for one appreciate it!"
-quoted from email 08.11.07

 "Thanks and keep up the great work at xpatxchange"

- quoted from email 05.10.07

"and many thanks for doing all that..........! wow! thorough and quick or what?"

- quoted from email 17.09.07

"Thank you very much for your prompt reply. There were two on your list I recently contacted and several more that I had heard of but did not have addresses or phone numbers for. Your list is extremely helpful and I will be contacted several of them Monday morning."

- quoted from email 16.09.07

"Thank you for your posting. This is a really great service. I have
checked the website and all is perfect.  Thank you again for your help."

- quoted from email 09.08.07

"your website is terrific."

- quoted from email 29.05.07

"I must confess that this was an extremely helpful comms during my stay in Switzerland last year!
I hope to get to repeat the experience in the not too distant future.
cheers & thx for the great service!"

- quoted from email 19.01.07
"... just re located to Germany...Thank you for the opportunity to list my classes on your website. It was a very effective marketing tool."

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"Thank you very much.  Just to let you know, I have already received a couple of phone calls as a result of this advertisement on the xpat xchange."

- quoted from email 21.07.06

"Thank you soo much!  They look great!  I appreciate your quick response and help!"
- quoted from email 04.07.06

Dear Louisa
Thanks so much for your help! Your site is definitely one of the most important channels and meeting point for the community in Zurich. I truly appreciate it.
Thanks, best wishes
Gabriela Müller Mendoza
Executive & Personal Communications Coach -Trainer

- from email 03.07.06

"....By the way, I find the Xpat website really great and have a regular supply of enquiries from your website."

-quoted from email 27.04.06

"Congratulations on the great work and reputation of the Xpat Xchange!"

-quoted from email 13.03.06

"I would like to thank you so much Xpat staff for checking people that are making crime on your website and notifying us to know that these people are sending messages that are not good missusing your web site. I am writing because you notified me not to reply to one msg which l am sure is from a criminal.Thank you so much for protecting the website. Keep it up.Thank you also for protecting our e-mails."

- quoted from email 02.03.06

"By the way - you all do a fantastic job with xpatxchange, it's been useful for so many things during our time in Switzerland."
- quoted from email 07.02.06

" My thanks to you at the XpatXchange for providing such a wonderful service to us Xpats. Your site is a fount of useful information which I greatly appreciate."

- quoted from email 06.02.06

"PS I use your site all the time to check for jobs and household items etc - very useful."

-quoted from email 01.02.06

"Thank you very much.  I love your website!!!"

- quoted from email 26.01.06

"thanks for all the work you do and your encouragement, louisa."

- quoted from email 19.01.06

"Hi, What a wonderful site.  I was wondering if you could give me any info on Cleaning and Moving companies.  Your article of the month in regards to cleaning was fantastic."

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"Thanks again - your website is so useful in so many ways!"

- quoted from email 09.01.06

That is so great!
I have referred your site to all the "new comers" I meet. (My husband plays professional hockey, so we know a lot of families that come here and are totally lost. Your website is one of the first things I offer as help!!)

- quoted from email 09.01.06

“Xpatxchange is one of my favourite websites as it provides valuable and important information about life in Switzerland. I also use it to list my Indian Cookery Lessons and get a lot of bookings through the adverts posted under various sections (viz. Events, Food, Drink & Fun, Free Classified Ads). Louisa, I am really grateful to you in more ways than you probably realise! Your website is an asset to the Expat community. Well done and hope you keep up the good work!”
posted: 15.12.05

"Gee Louisa!
Thanks for that instant reply!!!
Xpat xchange was great for us in Zurich. I found my job and apartment on it!
You do a great service.
All the best.. it must be morning there!!!"

- quoted from email 11.11.05

"The value of your website is immeasurable. I don't know what I would have done without access to this info since moving here 2 1/2 years ago. The fact that your website is free is what didn't scare me off to start with -- it was one of the few things that didn't "Cost" in CH and that was welcoming from my arrival month on.....you good folks do fantastic work!"

- quoted from email 18.10.05

"We have been successful in filling the job opening and would be grateful if you could remove our ad from your web page. We have been most satisfied with your service and will gladly use your services again when needed."

- quoted from email received 14.10.05

 "Expats web site - the most comprehensive http://www.xpatxchange.ch/"

- quoted from a chat group 27.09.05

 " Wow, that's great, Louisa! You are super to notice. I love your website and continually recommend it to all of the prospective families moving into our area."

- quoted from an email 25.01.05

 "Expat "media" isnt just about print magazines or newspapers, it's about alternative channels like these expat groups, or the excellent club newsletters and activities, like the ones from ZIWA or the American Woman's Club / American Club. Most of all, I take my hat off for people like Louisa Schibli , who have been consistently keeping up and updating such a valuable resource like the www.xpatxchange.ch; or yahoogrouper Carmen, who takes her time to fish for that special tip and brings people together in the e-world."

quoted from a Yahoo chat group 26.10.04

"We just want to really express our thanks to you!  Our recent changes in the Xpat site have really paid off...Over 45 people have accessed the new group in Handy Tips concerning seasonal fruits and vegetables, and over 50 people have checked out the new Alternative Dining section in Food, Wine & Fun...not to mention a very large spike in those accessing Cooking Classes and Wine...At Laughing Lemon, we have already more than doubled our monthly referral traffic from Xpat....Great!!!

As our business continues to expand, and we grow enough to meet the demand, we will most definitely support your efforts at Xpat in any way we can....In the mean time, Silvia and I offer our heart-felt thanks to you for offering a platform to the ‘little’ companies of the world struggling hard to promote an idea they strongly believe in!"

- from email 20.10.04

From the beginning...years ago.....

-...thanks for letting me know about your site. I'll make sureyou are listed in the Basel Childbirth Trust's newsletter next month.Looks like a great resource for everyone, not just expats! -I think your site is great!


-I found a free moment to check out your site and I am quite impressed with you have done! Thank you for including me in your endeavor, I wish you much success.


-Thank you SO much for thinking of me and for yourinformation. And your website is truly great so that'sa good enough reference for me. -Wow!  What a great site! 

-you've got a fabulous website and I've been letting other staff members here at Citigroup know about it.  Thanks again for putting together something so useful for us foreigners!

 -VERY impressed with your website and all the information. Keep up the good work! -I visited your site and think it's great! -Great Site! -Your website is very informative and extremely beneficial to English speaking people. -I have to say that I am very impressed with this site and feel that it ought to be seen by more people. -Thanks for a great website.  Been here two months and just logged on. What a terrific resource. -I have just had a look at the web site you have created. It is fantastic and I am sure it will help a lot of expats in Switzerland. -I just looked at your site -  very nicely done. -Your website is great! as an expat myself, I really appreciate the information provided by your web site!