Many thanks to all those who are taking the survey! It means a lot that you are taking the time to answer the questions.

(If you didn't get a chance to take the survey Click here )

So far, here are some of the comments that have come through - please note that all are taken seriously and we will do our best to work on all areas!!

- too Zurich focused
- difficult to read, too terse, needs design
- want more in Lugano & Ticino
- more in Geneva
- more sports - biking/skiing
- it should be more interesting

And here are some responses to some of things you mentioned:

1. "Often times I visit the site to try to pull up specific information that I stumbled upon in previous "browsing" on the site, but I find the new categories and sub-categories difficult to find my way through. A search function would be wonderful."

Please note there has always been a search funtion - you will see it on the top right of every page.

2. Several requests for more information in Basel, Bern, Lugano and Geneva.

Working on that! Hope more will be on there soon!

posted: 19.12.06
updated: 10.01.07