The Secret Baobab.
Functional Art from South Africa. Exclusive. Contemporary.

The Secret Baobab, located near Basel, was born from owner Marisa Steyn’s passion for South African art. Marisa takes great delight in presenting two South African design legends: Zenzulu and Carrol Boyes Functional Art.



Using finely woven, multi-coloured wires, award-winning South African designer Marisa Fick-Jordaan creates authentic, experimental and innovative products. Her designs are contemporary and cutting edge, yet quintessentially African.


Zenzulu vessels are showcased in public and private interiors internationally. Zenzulu’s signature designs fuse traditional Zulu hand-weaving techniques with novel forms, shapes and purposes.

Eco-friendly and fairly traded, each piece is handcrafted by the Zenzulu team in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, ensuring the craftspeople sustainable incomes.


Carrol Boyes Functional Art

Carrol Boyes is celebrated internationally—an icon of South African design.


Inspired by the human body and by all things African, the Carrol Boyes Functional Art collection graces and adorns homes and offices all over the world, bringing aesthetic pleasure to those privileged to own her functional objets d’art.

Staying true to humble beginnings in 1989, when working from her Cape Town home, each piece of art is still handcrafted, lending it a feel completely different from any product manufactured by machine. Today, Carrol Boyes employs 400 craftspeople representative of all the cultural groups of her country.

Currently, Carrol Boyes’s product range encompasses well over 1 500 different items—crafted from  a fusion of pewter, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, wood and leather.

For more information please contact Marisa Steyn on +41 (0)61 721 3951, or visit