awewa Lern-Center
Postfach 106
4658 Däniken
Tel: 062 291 1991
Fax: 062 291 1291
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We are a school for home work help, test preparation, language courses and business courses. We have locations in Däniken (near Olten), Langenthal, Baden and Thun.

Our Program includes:

Home work help and test-preparation for children and adults education:
- for primary school and high-school from up to 5. Grade (Languates D/E/F/I/Latin, Mathematics, a.s.o)
- for KV-Learners (W&G, Languages D/E/F/I/Latin, Mathematics, El. Technic, a.s.o)

Language program:
- Individual and small to large group teaching for children and adults in German, English, France and Italian
- ASSM-Program for Au-Pair classes in German as a second language
- GED-Test preparation to pass the GED-Test in Switzerland.

Business Courses:
- EBC*L preparation course and test taking institute

Our school was founded in 2002 and we have over 800 students take classes or having taken classes during this period.

posted: 03.02.07


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