American Women's Club of Basel

American International Women's Club of Geneva (AIWC)
11 Route de Chêne
1207 Geneva
Tel: (022) 736-0120
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American Women's Club of Lausanne
avenue Eglantine 6
1006 Lausanne
Tel: (021) 320-26 88

American Women's Club of Ticino (AWOT)
c/o Jonsi Andrews
Casa Mimosa
6914 Carona
Tel: (091) 649-6613
Fax: (091) 649-6613
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Founded in 1991. Purpose: Information on rights and responsibilities for Americans living abroad. Informal, social monthly meetings, topics such as citizenship, taxes, representation, education, legal rights of foreigners, sometimes featuring a guest speaker. Meetings usually held in the evening; sometimes during the day. We celebrate as many American festivities as we can.

American Women’s Club of Zurich
Schoentalstrasse 8
8004 Zurich
Tel: (01) 240- 4455
Fax: (01) 240-4457

New to Zurich, old to Zurich or looking to get in touch with your
fellow North Americans?  Consider becoming a member of the American
Women's Club of Zurich!

Sign up for a five-month membership for CHF 105 (75 membership + 30
initiation fee).

For requirements and more information see our website at

Asian Ladies Club of Switzerland (ALC)

''The Asian Ladies Club of Switzerland aims to create goodwill and friendship as well as promoting a better understanding and awareness of the different cultures while promoting one's own.  We help each other learn and discover the environment of our "adopted" home-country. 

We are a not-for-profit social organization with no political or religious involvement but with a charitable mission for women and children of South East Asia.  We meet frequently and communicate through our bi-monthly Newsletter and our website.''

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Geneva Women in International Trade
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GWIT was founded for professional women to meet and expand their networks. Its membership comprises women and men from diverse backgrounds, experiences, interests and expertise across the private, public, NGO and IGO sectors. You don't have to be involved in international trade to be a part of GWIT, although it is the umbrella of our thinking. GWIT provides a broad platform for business, international and social networking. A monthly calendar of lunchtime and evening events includes personal and professional development seminars, panel discussions and presentations on topical issues given by prominent leaders in various fields, as well as relaxed social events. In a stimulating, empowering and welcoming environment, participants can exchange viewpoints, ideas and information; benefit from professional growth and educational opportunities; and expand their personal and professional networks. For details on upcoming events or membership, please visit our web site at or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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European Women's Management Development International Network

EWMD International is the European Women's Management Development Network, an international network of women and men, both individual and corporate members, drawn from professional organisations and all areas of business and education.

EWMD was founded in a spirit of international co-operation with the goal of contributing to the improvement of the quality of management internationally and promoting the full potential of women as managers and women in positions of power. The members respect cultural diversity and seek to benefit from an exchange of views and experiences, crossing national, political and other boundaries.

EWMD is committed to:

~ identifying and promoting best practices for women's management development
~ facilitating communication between all those involved in the
development of women managers
~ Identifying barriers to women's professional development and innovative approaches to overcoming them
~ supporting and co-operating with other networks with similar objectives
~ providing a forum for collecting and exchanging information about women's management development in Europe and internationally

EWMD has members in more than 36 countries, including not only Western and Eastern Europe but countries as far-flung as the United States, South Africa and Australia. There are fifteen active national chapters, and a growing number of regional chapters. Members are kept informed by quarterly editions of the EWMD Newsletter, which documents EWMD's activities and reports on a wide range of topics relating to women in management. The main networking tool of the organisation is the EWMD Directory, which includes biographical details of members, while electronic communications are becoming increasingly important as a means of networking at an international level.

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Fribourg Expat Woman's Group

"There's more than just a F.E.W. of us!"

Welcome to Fribourg Expat Woman's Group - we are dedicated team to helping women who are living in the Fribourg Region. Our mission is to encourage and support your busy lives whilst in Fribourg. One of our primary goals is to ensure, that everybody has the possiblity of making new friends within this region. Whether this is your first time abroad or you are continuing your expat life here in Fribourg, we are sure we will be able to assist you in making your stay here in Switzerland even more enjoyable.

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A fun and exiting networking group for Danish ladies living in Zürich area. We meet up every last Friday in the month, but have a lot of great events through out the year.Please visit our webiste for further details.

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Lucerne International Women's Club
Hürtimattstrasse 16
6353 Weggis
Tel: (041) 390-0067

We are a women's club with approximately 100 foreign and Swiss members. The principal aim of the Club is to provide support for women who are interested in meeting and networking with other women of all nationalities to exchange information and experiences about the Swiss way of life.

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Professional Woman’s Club (BPW)

~ to assume greater responsibility in both professional and public matters.
~ to foster and consolidate the local, regional and international network.
~ to further both professional and personal development.
~ to see women and men treated as equals
~ to foster friendship among BPW members
~ to show commitment on an international level by participating in international organisations
~ to establish contacts with BPW members abroad
~ to lend support to international projects

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Professional Women's Group of Basel
Im Lohnhof 8
4051 Basel
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The Professional Women's Group of Basel (PWG) is a not-for-profit organisation with the goal of bringing together women of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month (see and offer a warm and welcoming English-speaking environment in which women can share their experiences, learn from each other and from speakers at the monthly meetings, build friendships and professional relationships and have fun together. Since the PWG was founded in 1990, we have grown to more than 125 members from over twenty-five countries. Most members live and work in the Basel region, including neighbouring communities in France and Germany. They have a wide range of hobbies and interests and most speak more than one language. Our members have established careers in pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, marketing, communications, medicine, law, banking, finance and accounting, information technology,hotel industry, day care, education and cultural heritage conservation. Several women are successful authors and publishers, free-lance journalists, dentists, psychologists, business or fashion consultants, translators, artists and musicians. Other members are taking time to further their university education, master a foreign language, seek new career opportunities or raise their families.

Professional Women’s Group of Zurich

The purpose of The Professional Women's Group of Zurich is to provide support for English speaking women who are interested in meeting and networking with other women and to exchange experiences about the working world. Women of all nationalities are welcome whether currently employed or not.

SWEA Zürich
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SWEA is a global non-profit organization for Swedish speaking women worldwide. Today there are just over 8000 members in over 70 departments in five continents. SWEA is working to strengthen Sweden's image abroad through their language and culture and to convey personal and professional contacts.

SWEA är en global ideell organisation för svensktalande kvinnor världen över. Idag finns det dryg 8000 medlemmar i över 70 avdelningar på fem kontinenter. Vi verkar för att stärka Sverigebilden utomlands genom vårt språk, kultur samt att förmedla personliga och professionella kontakter.

SWEA Zürich är en mycket aktiv och trevlig avdelning med medlemmar i alla åldrar och av alla sorter som erbjuder vänskap, gemenskap, aktiviteter och medlemsförmåner. Kom med du också!

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Women’s Activity Club


Winterthurerstrasse 18
8610 Uster
Tel: (043) 305-9250

Zug International Women's Club (ZIWC)
6300 Zug
Email our Membership Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Zug International Women’s Club (ZIWC) is a non-profit, social organisation with its seat in Zug, in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Civil Code.  The purpose of the Club is to foster goodwill and friendship, and to provide a common meeting ground for English speaking women in and around Zug. 

Founded in 1967, we are proud to have around 500 members from nearly 50 different countries. One third of our members are Swiss enabling a sound base for integration in our local community. 

Get involved and join the fun! Our goal is to enrich each other’s lives – no more and no less!

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Zurich International Women’s Association 
P.O. Box 1022
8021 Zurich
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ZIWA is Zurich's leading International Women's Association.

Our purpose is simple. We bring together women of all ages and nationalities to help celebrate different cultures, expand our viewpoints and build friendships. With over 650 members representing 65 different nationalities, ZIWA is dynamic, very international and most importantly fun!

As a member, you have a wonderful opportunity to make new friends as well as discover and share new interests. With over 70 different interest groups currently on offer there's virtually "something for everyone". Browse our website to find out more. And if you can't find a group that's just perfect for you, then we will even help you to start something new. This unique women's club is up for just about anything!

There's also the chance to make friends at our regular monthly meetings, which normally take place over a meal and often in a very special setting, including Zürich's beautiful Guild Hall, the Opera House, a Fondue boat and even the Zoo! Inspirational guest speakers or a themed event make these meetings really memorable. We encourage all club members to attend.

If you are a newcomer to Switzerland, then ZIWA offers you an invaluable opportunity to learn how to make the most of living in this wonderful country. And as many of our members are Swiss nationals - you're sure to learn some of the best insider tips first hand!

Most of our members also know from experience what it's like to settle into a new city. So they are always willing to help any new arrivals to quickly get over the transition "blues" and really feel at home. Newcomer Meetings, created especially to help connect new ZIWA members have become "famous" for the lasting friendships that usually result.

At a glance: ZIWA facts and figures
Club founded in 1985
Entirely voluntary 
Working language - English
Led by a seven-strong Executive Board, supported by Interest Group Chairladies
Interest groups include Book Clubs, Coffees, Conversation Groups, Creative Groups, Food and Wine, Games, Out and About, Sport and Fitness 
No official club headquarters: monthly and interest group meetings are scheduled at venues including leading Zürich hotels, members' homes, restaurants, coffee shops, sports centres etc
No political, religious or racial barriers
A member of the Welcome Clubs International (WCI) and affiliated with Open Door Clubs

© Copyright 2004 ZIWA All rights

ZIWA Upcoming Events - Click here

Also see their Discovering Zurich page.

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