American Women of Ticino
6900 Lugano
Tel: 091 649 66 13

AWOT was founded in 1990 to function as a support group for women in Ticino. The focus has remained the same over the years this being done in the way of monthly get togethers, holiday celebrations, childrens activities and a library.

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Big Ben Club
PO Box
6908 Lugano-Massagno

THE English-speaking club in Ticino. Publishes a Newsletter monthly for members. Welcomes English-speaking people in the area - either permanently or as tourist- guests. We look forward to meeting up with you!!

The International Women's Club of Lugano

The International Women's Club of Lugano (Switzerland) was founded in 1988 by two women, one from Sweden and one from Argentina. The Club's purpose is to bring women together in order to share resources, hobbies, interests, skills and contacts via a wide variety of informal and formal activities.

The Club now has more than 250 members from over 30 countries. Most of the members live in Ticino.

The Club's monthly newsletter details the activities sponsored by the Club. Special events are planned periodically, and include cultural tours and lectures, lunches, dinners and dances. Small groups also meet frequently to share particular interests that include tennis, bridge, hiking, painting, arts, golf, language skills and international cooking.

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Federation of Anglo Swiss Clubs