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Global Taste provides you with a personal chef, cooking classes or takes care of catering at your home. We specialize in dinner parties for 2 to 12 guests, from home food to fine dining experience.  Cooking classes on canapés, sushi, desserts etc ...for 2 to 8 people and Cocktail parties for 10 to 100 people, Global Taste brings all this to you.

posted: 04.06.12

A   F r e s h   A p p r o a c h   T o   F o o d   &   W i n e

Alternative home dining is designed for those who are looking for more than what a cooking class or restaurant can offer.  You and your guests can participate in  the preparation of a multi-course gourmet meal in the comfort of your home – while leaving all of the organizational details to us.  We’ll do all of the shopping, set-up the kitchen, provide you with any necessary equipment or supplies, make wine recommendations, offer professional instruction and guidance – and of course, serve and clean-up.  All you have to do is relax, have fun, and share a few laughs with your friends!

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L a u g h i n g  L e m o n  F o o d   &   W i n e 
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