NEW ENTERTAINMENT IN ENGLISH coming this year to the Zug/Zurich area.

I’m sure everyone will agree that there is a definite lack of good English-language live entertainment in this area.  With the exception of the cinema and an occasional movie on TV, we are limited to one or two theatre nights out per year – if even that.

The newly formed production company – Parachute Productions – is hoping to change that and the first taste of a new type of show will be available to the public and on stage towards the end of the summer of 2007.  The show is called GREEN LIGHT and is an American style cabaret evening with 4 singers and a pianist.

GREEN LIGHT will present a series of story songs with a central theme.  In this case, each song is like a mini play or tiny scene depicting some aspect of life’s relationships – how we feel about a house pet, a new pair of shoes, our neighbors, our mother as seen from a teen’s point of view, a divorce, a new or lost love, a one-way love or even a diva’s relationship to herself and her art.  In short, the songs tell of poignant life/love experiences of all kinds.

The interpretation of these types of songs is very personal, intimate and realistic.. In the spotlight are the texts, the emotions and internal dialogue people experience throughout their lives.  The presentation of the songs/scenes is conversational without extensive spoken dialogue.
Most of the program features the work of a Los Angeles based songwriter named Babbie Green (thus Green Light) with a scattering of songs by a few other cabaret writers.  The program is a mixture of humorous, insightful, upbeat and nostalgic moments portrayed and delivered/acted out with only the voice of the performers and piano accompaniment.

Taking you through this new musical experience will be David Smith at the piano and the songbirds are Yasmine Meguid, Kate Michaels, Michelle Johner and Craig Wood.

The performances will be Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 in the Miller’s Studio in Zurich and Sept. 7 and 8th in the Burgbach Keller in Zug. 

Tickets are now on sale at the Miller’s Studio on their website  for Zurich and at for the Burgbach Keller in Zug.  You can also contact the producers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

posted: 29.05.07