Case Postale 2101
2001 Neuchatel
Tel: 0041 79 639 0028
Fax: 032 724 43 94
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The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) Wine and Spirits Courses.

As an Approved Programme Provider for all levels up to Diploma, we have been successfully teaching these courses since 2002 in Switzerland.
Taught in the following languages: English, French and German.
We offer courses from novice and accompany our students right up the levels to expert in both wine and spirits!

We offer evening, day release and consecutive day courses.
Currently udner contract to Gastrosuisse (the swiss restaurant association) in Valais to train their members.

We are also collaborating with various competitions to prepare their judges with the necessary knowledge in both wines and spirits.

posted: 06.06.06

Bacchus Wines

Since starting Expat-Expo we have found that there are just not enough hours in the day for us to to run Bacchus Wines and the expo too. Bacchus Wines is a wonderful and profitable business and we have met so many interesting people and had too much fun to let it dissolve because we don't have time to run it, so we would be very happy to find someone that loves wine as much as we do and is interested in getting into the business side of things. Established: September 2004

Business Licenses: Zug Commercial Register identification number CH-400.1.025.950-9, Swiss wine merchants commission (EKW) identification number 09.0350,  Swiss wine importer's permit (Generaleinfuhrbewilligung GEB) Nr: 469477

Product range: Bacchus Wines offers a wide selection of wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We also import wines directly from Italy, primarily from the Piedmont region.

Sources: We have established accounts in good standing with many of Switzerland's largest wine importers and have a detailed network of suppliers in Piedmont, whos products we import directly. Our import permits allow us to import wine from anywhere in the world.

Client base: We have established a solid client base in the above mentioned cities which include several foreign embassies and their ambassadors, various expat clubs and numerous affluent clients from the UN and multinational corporations along with many private clients.

Partnership conditions: Because of commitments to Expat-Expo, we are seeking a partner to help us continue conducting tastings in the above mentioned events and hopefully expand the company into new markets.

If you love wine and would like to discuss this further please call us at 022 548 10 60.

Wine Greetings,

Ed and Melanie McGaugh

posted: 21.01.05
updated: 21.01.09

Nelkenweg 25
4104 Oberwil
tel: 076 571 55 41
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Online shop and Swiss distributor of New Zealand wine. We specialise in wine from the Hawkes Bay region. Selling famous brands such as Brookfields, Sacred Hill, Ash Ridge and Elephant Hill.
With over 80% of New Zealand’s plantings of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes, Hawke’s Bay has a reputation for superior quality red wines.  The warm maritime climate and varying landscape also produces New Zealand’s richest and most complex Chardonnays. Simply put, Hawke’s Bay produces some of the finest flavoured, complex, textural chardonnay’s in the new world, and the warm low vigour vineyards of the region produce, at their best, rich elegant ripe red wines based on either merlot or syrah.

posted: 11.08.09

Bibulous Wines
Avenue d'Evian 4
1006 Lausanne
Tel: +41 79 581 0828
Fax: +41 21 311 8032
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Bib"u*lous, adj. (L. bibulus, fr. bibere to drink.) to like or enjoy alcoholic beverages.

No two wines and no two people are the same. Rather than pigeonhole individuals, we use our expertise and experience to match wines to your individual taste.

From consultancy and sales to brokerage and cellaring we aim to make serious wine serious fun. Our passion is to play a part in people's enjoyment in one of life's pleasures.

You don't have to be bibulous yourself - but it helps.

La Cave du Chateau
Rue de la Barre 6
1005 Lausanne
Tel: +41 76 575 5274
Fax: +41 21 320 0241
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La Cave du Chateau is an established wine-bar and shop in the old town of Lausanne, a mere stone's throw from the cathedral.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a selection of wines from all over the world, that represent true value for money and which cannot be found in regular shops or supermarkets. We specialise in wines from Eastern Europe, focusing Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Georgia, but also carry wines from all over the world. Purchases can also be placed on our website, and orders can be picked up at our shop, or delivered to your door, anywhere in Switzerland.

Our non-smoking wine-bar offers a cosy, intimate setting for an after-work or pre-dinner drink, and we offer one of the largest selections of open wines, by the glass, in Lausanne.

We are also able to cater for private functions and wine-tastings for up to 20 people.

Roberto Cioaca, the shop's owner, is on hand to offer personalised advice in English, French and Romanian. The shop is open daily from Tuesday to Saturday, from 1400hrs to 2200hrs from Tuesdays to Fridays and from 1000hrs to 1900hrs on Saturdays.

posted: 21.05.07

Fine Swiss Wine

Fine Swiss Wine is dedicated to the world of Swiss wine. The eclectic nature of Switzerland and its knack for quality is reflected in the Swiss wine, making both Switzerland and its wine well worth exploring. This website gives you a good starting off point for that adventure.

Please visit Fine Swiss Wine:

posted: 21.01.09

A   F r e s h   A p p r o a c h   T o   F o o d  &  W i n e

We regularly offer a variety of wine/spirit courses in Zürich-Oerlikon.  Our courses are taught by experienced professionals, who remain independent and are not affiliated with any organization interested in promoting their products.  We are interested in providing you with a unique learning experience, an opportunity to challenge and develop your sense of taste, and a chance to learn more about how to taste wine and spirits...all in a seriously fun environment.  We will also happily organize any of our classes for you and your friends in your own private environment...

find out more about our wine/spirit courses

L a u g h i n g   L e m o n   F o o d  &  W i n e
Tel: 076 425 30 25

updated: 01.02.06

LA MAISON MICHEL - Produits de France
Glärnischstrasse 46b
8712 Stäfa
Tel: +41 (0)44 222 21 20
Fax: +41 (0)44 222 21 21
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Onlineshop for Wine- and Gourmetfriends: Champagne - Wine - Foie Gras - Regional Specialties.

posted: 22.08.06


Piemontavola – Fine Food & Wine from Italy
Bergstrasse 1
6052 Hergiswil
076-559-5960 (tel)
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At Piemontavola you will find everything from great wines like the Barolo to fine pasta, hazelnut cookies, mushroom delicacies and of course a variety of truffle products.

Luckily, the Piedmontese still take great pride in preparing delicacies, the base of which are high quality ingredients, inherited recipes and a touch of creativity.

We source our products exclusively from small, family-run agricutural farms and wineries.
All follow the idea of the Slow Food movement, which means sustainable cultivation, artisan food processing and only the best ingredients. The result is fine (organic) food of exceptional taste.

So, join us in discovering the Piedmontese cusine, widely known as one of the best in Italy, and benefit from a host of amenities such as free shipping in the Zurich and Lucerne area and attractive prices thanks to direct imports.

posted: 27.07.11

Working With Wine
Tel: 0763 77 48 68
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Importer of Australian and New World wines.  We are a new company here in Switzerland and are aimed not only at the Expat community but anyone  interested in wines from the New World and Italy. Check our website for our Wine Tasting Events!

posted: 29.05.09