Dr. med. R. Ammann
Pediatric Denstist
Breitingerstrasse 35
8002 Zurich (close to Enge Bahnhof)
Tel: 044 202 60 60

posted: 15.05.06

Dr. med. dent. Nenad Antic
Eidg. dipl. Zahnarzt SSO
Holbeinstr. 36 
4051 Basel
Tel: 061-28 38 020 
Fax: 061-28 38 022 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

An Xpat Reports, "Visiting a dentist was never something I looked forward to. Visiting Ned's office was no exception, but guess what: I did not have pain, he was patient and listened carefully to all I had to say. He explained all procedures (unlike other dentists I had the misfortune to have to visit in Switzerland) and my American dentist told me that what he did was cutting edge. Not much of a surprise as I noticed on the wall proof of membership from several American professional organizations. It helped that he spoke fluent English and I heard him speak Spanish and French too with other patients. And most of all, Ned radiates calm and serenity. I wish he moved to my town in Connecticut."

posted: 06.06.05

An Xpat reports, "As a person who is absolutly terrified of dentists and does not speak good German or French, I would like to recommend English speaking, Dr Nenad Antic.  I find Dr Antic and his staff, friendly, kind and very understanding.  His patience is remarkable as many is the time I have had to stop him from working whilst I had a panic attack, after panic attack, nothing related to Dr Antic, just my own demons raising their heads.  The work that Dr Antic has done to my teeth is nothing short of remarkable, he is a true professional, and his work, really is a work of art.  I have developed a confidence and trust in him, that I never thought I would achieve with a dentist, I know he will not do anything that I am not happy with, and he will stop the second I ask him too.   I am probably one of his worst patients and make him, open the window because I am too hot, then shut the window because I am too cold, even talk to me about the latest film he watched, just so I can concentrate on that rather than what is going on in my mouth.  I cannot recommend him highly enough, after 35 years of terror, he has finally convinced me that going to the dentist can really be like visiting a friend, its really not that scary after all : O )Dr Antic and his wife Kathrin, also a dentist, regularly hold presentations regarding dental care for children, and underline the importance of looking after childrens teeth, even from the time in the womb, they are very informative and helpful, and I would also recommend you go to one, even if you don't have children."

posted: 24.07.05

Dr. med. dent. Christoph Becker - Wegerich
Bahnhofstrasse 30
8712 Staefa
Tel: (01) 926-1086
Fax: (01) 926-4786

An English speaking dentist with a new practice, also has a kids corner.



Basel's English-Swiss dentist, Dr. Garry Bonsall
St. Alban Vorstadt 78
4052  Basel
Tel: 061 271 06 04
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Garry is Basel's English Family Dentist for hi-tech, pain-free, holistic family dental care.  Don't worry about not speaking German when visiting the dentist! Two minutess from Aeschen Platz in beautiful St. Alban Vorstadt.

Expats report:
“Can't recommend Gary enough,the best dental care I've received ever,  a pain-free set of implants top and bottom, top of his profession, only the very best is good enough, thank you for everything you have done for me so far!”  - FD, (August 2013) Basel.

“ I have just received treatment from Dr Bonsall for the first time. Without doubt, he is by far the most accomplished and professional dentist I have ever attended. He explains everything very clearly and gives confidence through his decisive approach. If you have any fear of dentists, do not worry as you will feel very relaxed in his care. I cannot recommend him highly enough."  - Dr. D. McB (May, 2013)

Special Offer for all new patients: clean and check-up, only SFr 60,- call today: 061 271 06 04
posted: 12.11.12 
updated: 09.12.12, 08.09.13


Clinique Dentaire de Genève
29, av. de France
58, rue de la Terrassière
6, rue de la Gabelle
Tel: + 41(0) 22 737 735 5
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our practice philosophy is centered on Quality, Safety and Collaboration.

We are a group of three dental clinics strategically located in Geneva, where our caring and experienced team answers all dental needs and emergency treatment.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 20:30
                       Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00

Answering emergency calls on Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00

posted: 11.03.10

Steinenvorstadt 62
4051 Basel
Tel: (061) 281-4767
Fax: (061) 281-4767
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quality dental care in a multilingual environment. Flexible appointments, 24hr emergency service, pre-treatment estimate of costs, prime location by Steinen and Heuwaage parking.

Dr. Yves Delessert,  DDS - MS
1, Av. Cardinal Mermillod
1227 Carouge,  Geneva
Tel: 022 300 67 60
Fax: 022 300 67 61

Dentist - Prosthodontist. Post Grad. UCLA and USC. General dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, TMJ. Also neuromuscular dentistry, treatment of headaches, treatment of snoring and sleep apnea  & athletic mouth guards.

Works with a certified Dental Hygienist.

English, French, Italian, & Spanish spoken.

posted: 08.02.07
updated: 17.03.11

Dentist - AGZD Praxis - Dr. Dehn
Schulstrasse 2
5415 Nussbaumen
Tel: office: 056-282-11-22
Tel: emergency:079-537-36-27
Fax: 056-282-11-18
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Xpat Reports: "The best of both worlds...

American trained (University of Chicago) along with European technologies & techniques I could not easily find in the US.

Warm, friendly and easy to communicate with - unlike many of the Swiss I had dealt with previously - Dr. Dehn clearly explained my options and helped me choose which was right for me. In addition to regular dental care, oral hygiene and cleaning Dr. Dehn offers cosmetic dentistry, veneers, orthodontics, implants, bleaching and laser periodontal therapy. The international staff all speak English and made me feel very welcome.

Because, like many people, I was somewhat pain-phobic, Dr Dehn took the time to explain his range of pain suppressants from conventional anesthetic shots and pre-medications to acupuncture and multi media distraction therapy.

He jokingly called himself the "Gentle Dentist" but after visiting for several years I believe he really is the Gentle Dentist. along with talented, caring and sensitive.

AGZD Praxis is conveniently located in the Markthof shopping center in Nussbaumen just outside Zurich. definitely worth the trip."

posted: 11.06.07

Dr. Roland Herzig
Rue de la Servette 91
1202 Geneva
Tel: (022) 733-0940
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General dentistry and home care.

Dr. Anne-Cicile Hubert
Dörflistrasse  40
8050 Zürich-Oerlikon
Tel: 044 312 10 40
Fax: 044 312 10 44

Child and family dentist.

An Xpat Reports: "I recommend Dr. Hubert as a child specialist and she speaks French, English and German. She is absolutely lovely with the children." emailed dated 18.06.12

posted: 17.06.12

Dr. Peter Jeblinger, Dentist
Forchstrasse 2
8008 Zurich
Tel: +41-(0)-43-499 9000
Fax: +41-(0)-43-499 9202
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Xpat Reports: "I arrived in Switzerland at the beginning of year 2000 with a mouth full of metal fillings and a toothache. I asked for a recommendation at work and someone told me to go to Dr. Jeblinger. I was not disappointed. I have had minor fillings and major fillings, root canal treatment and the replacement of front teeth broken in a car accident. Everything was done to my complete satisfaction. Speaking as someone wary of dentists, I was able to impress Dr. Jeblinger at my last visit by falling asleep during treatment. I guess it is some kind of  recommendation. Dr Jeblinger speaks excellent English, is attentive, deft and quick. He also helps you to relax... so, I would say if you fancy a kip, pop down to Jeblinger's and get your teeth fixed at the same time!" - posted 15.10.07

An Xpat Reports: "With very good to reach location, in the heart of Zurich, Dr. Jeblinger is a highly skilled dentist. My experience matches his reputation as a meticulous professional. Since I am a frequent patient (jaw grinding!), I appreciate his flexibility and kindness, as well as his gentle style of working. Certified from the University of Basel and Zurich, Dr. Jeblinger runs a stylish, state-of-the-art clinic that offers a variety of specialty treatment among others conservative and esthetic dentistry, implants, crowns and bridges, computer aided designed fillings, lasertreatment and dental hygenist care.

An Xpat Reports: I have lived in Zurich for many years and was not very happy with my dentists. Then a friend recommended Dr. Jeblinger. I had my wisdom teeth extracted, my old amalgam (metal) fillings removed and various work done with ceramic. Dr. Jeblinger and his team were competent and professional, particularly noticing things my old dentist had missed. I felt secure that I was in good hands and could completely relax. I highly recommend him! - posted 17.09.15 

He speaks several languages fluently: English, German, French, as well as some Italian...

posted: 31.01.06
updated: 17.09.15

Praxis Krebs & Martin AG
St.-Leodegar-Strasse 2
6006 Luzern
Tel: 041 417 40 40
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

A Lucerne based dental office providing all services, from dental hygiene to general dentistry and dental implants/surgery. Checkups, planning and treatments are available in English.

posted: 19.10.17


Dentist Alan Kruger
Bahnhofstrasse 10
6312 Steinhausen (Zug)
Tel: +41 41 740 24 45
welcome [at] zahnarztsteinhausen.ch

An Xpat Reports: "Whilst living in Zug / Lucerne, it's great to have my Dental Care carried out by a Dentist whose mother tongue is actually English. What a relief to lie back in the Dentist chair and hear English spoken the way it should be spoken."

posted: 22.04.12


Dr. med. dent. Kurt Landtwing
Luzernerstrasse 17
6330 Cham
Tel: (041)-7802121

An Xpat reports: "Swiss dentist very experienced,very approachable and speaks good english. Practises general and cosmetic dentistry. Staff are also able to speak english. Highly recommended!"


Dr. med. dent. Mark D.Margolin
Zahnarztpraxis am Sonnenhof
Freistrasse 211
8032 Zürich
Tel: 044 381 5122
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry.

updated: 07.09.09 - NEW ADDRESS!

Dr. med. dent. Markus Mettler
Goethestrasse 20
8001 Zurich
Tel: (01) 254 99 99
Fax: (01) 254 99 98
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Xpat Reports: "With perfect location, in the heart of Zurich, Dr. Mettler is an extremely nice guy and highly recommended (he deals with both young and old people and take care of your whole family). Certified prosthodontist from the University of Zurich, Dr. Mettler's clinic offers a variety of specialty treatment among others esthetic dentistry, implants, crowns and bridges, dental hygenist care.

Speaks fluent English, German and Swiss German, as well as good French."

An Xpat Reports: "I had a discolored front tooth for years and through word of mouth I heard about Dr. Mettler, who is a family dentist, but also a highly recommended specialist in esthetics. He was able to correct my problem with a ceramic crown. The result is amazing; I'm so happy.....it's a real work of art. In addition, during all my visits I felt comfortable, because the staff was so friendly and supportive. What more can I say!"

posted: 27.09.05

Dr. Terry McDermott
C/o Dr. Wally
Klosbachstrasse 123
8032 Zurich
Tel: (01) 252-4452


Susan Schlessinger
Dental Hygiene Praxis Zürich-Binz
044 536 6019
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An American dental hygienist in Zurich! Adults/Children - active preventive and GENTLE care. Email for an appointment TODAY!

posted: 26.07.11

Roberta Scott, SRK/R.D.H. - Dental Hygienist
Doerflistrasse 40
8050 Zuerich-Oerlikon
Tel: 01-312 10 40
Fax: 01-312 10 44
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Xpat Reports: "I would like to recommend my dental hygienist, Roberta Scott.  She is an American, practicing here in Switzerland for about the last 30 years.  Beyond her Bachelor's degree from Loma Linda, she has taken advanced courses in periodontal therapy at Northern Arizona University.  Since I went to NAU myself, I was intrigued when I first heard about her.  Before I recently had my braces removed, I had many, many cleanings in the States.  None were so thorough and no one was as gentle as Ms. Scott.  Since we have a 3-year-old and are concerned about his future dental health, Ms. Scott recommended that my husband and I bring him with us to every cleaning appointment so he gets used to the environment, sitting in the chair, etc.  She also gave us some good tips on how to protect his teeth while he's young, so he will be unlikely to get cavities.  Up to now, no hygienist has wanted to even see our child because he's "too young," even though he obviously has a mouthful of teeth.  I personally have had a lifelong fear of going to the dentist after getting dental work done without anesthetic as a 7-year-old.  I don't want my child to ever fear the dentist's chair and avoid seeing the dentist for years like I did.  I'm sure with Ms. Scott's care our whole family is in good hands!" - from email dated 07.08.08

An Xpat Reports: "I found the BEST Dental Hygienist last week, so I feel compelled to share with all Xpats my great experience with this wonderful professional. Roberta Scott (a native English speaker who also speaks beautiful Swiss-German due to her living here about 30 years now) is incredibly talented and is very friendly too. I have never had a finer teeth cleaning - in all my 44 years of life. Her office is so pleasant and welcoming. Her office staff person speaks English -- and is very kind as well. This hygienist even serves preschool aged children - FOR FREE. I know she would be very gentle and caring with them -- and get them interested in caring for their teeth at a young age. Personally, I was especially impressed with Roberta Scott's advanced study in care of the gums - a vital study for helping us keep all our teeth well into old age - and not an expertise that all hygienists possess. I cannot express enough good about her and am confident that if you go to her you will return to her - for years and years to come!

Just so you're informed - her degrees include:
1971 B.S. in dental hygiene Loma Linda University
1990 Periodontal Therapy  Northern Arizona University

posted: 18.10.05

Dr. Patrick Sequeira, BDS London, DMD Zürich, MSc Oxford
Alte Steinhauserstrasse 3
6330 Cham / ZUG
Tel: (041) 740-1220
Fax: (041) 740-1225

Esthetic, implant and quality dental services including dental hygiene for periodontal needs.

Susan Sprenger, SRK/RDH-Dental Hygienist
Dörflistrasse 40
8050 Zürich
Tel: 044 586 62 03
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

posted: 16.06.06

Dr. Gail Steiner
Anwandstrasse 2
8004 Zurich
Tel: (01) 242-3877

Dr. med. dent. Marco Stocker
Bahnhofstrasse 26
8001 Zurich
Tel: (01) 212 2440

An Xpat reports, "I have been going to Dr. Stocker for 10 years now (ever since I came to ZH). I have found from the very first that he is a gentle dentist, considerate of his patients and he has given me beautiful dental work (at reasonable prices - don't let the address scare you!). Plus he runs on time! I know that I and my mouth are in great hands. He also taught for 2 yrs at the University of Michigan Dental School. He speaks German, English, French and Italian. I would highly recommend him."



Cabinet Dentaire Dr Voula Theophilou
Carrefour de Rive 1, 2nd floor Berlitz building
Geneva 1207
Tel: 022 736 2652
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Voula Theophilou is an English speaking UK qualified dentist treating both adults and children.

Our surgery is a newly refurbished modern surgery in the centre of Geneva offering everything you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy, your breath fresh and to maintain, or regain, your youthful smile.
We offer periodontal treatment and scaling, oral hygiene, white fillings- composites and inlays, tooth whitening, aesthetic dentistry, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, extraction of wisdom teeth, and implants.Our implants are carried out by a specialist in Oral Surgery.Our orthodontics is carried out by a specialist orthodontist - invisible, and lingual orthodontics available.

Take advantage of our exceptional prices, our convenient location in the heart of Geneva opposite the bus and tram stops Terrasière, and our extended opening hours : by appointment 8.00 - 19.30 and Saturdays from 10.00- 14.00 Emergencies are welcome , please call as early as possible - we will do our best to see you on the same day.

Call now and don't miss out on our special opening offers ! We look forward to meeting you.

posted: 30.10.12

Dr. med. Beat Waeckerle
Obstgartenstrasse 28
8136 Gattikon
Tel: (01) 722-5353

Zahnarzt Praxis Zürich
Seestrasse 67
8002 Zürich
Tel: 044 202 20 41
Fax: 044 202 20 49
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   * Weisse Füllungen (Composite und Keramik),
   * Implantat-Kronen, Kronen und Brücken aus Vollkeramik,
   * Veneers
   * Bleichen (Bleaching)
   * Endodontie (Wurzelbehandlungen)
   * Zahnfleischbehandlungen (Parodontologie)
   * Zahnstellungskorrekturen mittels INVISALIGN
   * Teil- und Vollprothetik

posted: 28.04.11

Zahnarzt Zentrum Standorte - Dentist
Pflanzschulstrasse 3
8400 Winterthur
Tel: 052 234 7020

An Xpat Reports, "BEWARE!  I saw a nice website and in English, so I called an made an appointment.  After arriving, I filled out the appropriate new patient paperwork, then they asked me for my passport!  Not sure why, I obliged. My last name on the new patient form did not match my passport (embassy is working on marriage certificate) so they would not treat me unless I had cash, or try and prove to them I was who I said I was.  I do not carry 1,000 chf in cash on me.  They bill their Swiss patients, but would not bill me or take a credit card (I am an American/Swiss citizen).  This is the worst case of discrimination I have come accross.  They should tell patients when the call,  "bring all forms of current identification with you".  They required more from me than the Swiss Embassy and did so distastefully."

posted: 17.01.05

Zahnärzte Zentrum Zürich
8001 Zurich
Tel: +41 043 3 003 003
Fax: +41 043 3 004 004
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Xpat Reports: "In this practice you will find the best dental Services they have to offer in Zurich.They're using the newest Techniques and are open 365 Days a year. There is flexibility when it comes to appointments. Their opening hours are from 7.00am until 9.00pm from Monday to Friday.they also work on the Weekends and take Emergency Cases. If you want to find out more about the Practice go on the Website to check it out."

posted: 28.08.06

Zahnärzte Zürich Gartenstrasse
Gartenstrasse 33
8002 Zürich
Tel: 044 201 30 62
Fax: 044 201 24 09

Our dental practice is located in the heart of Zurich, near Bahnhofstrasse in the business district.

We are here to offer you a high degree of professionalism and expertise. Co-operation with other associated specialists also enables us to offer you more complex treatments.

Our highly qualified team has years of experience in all areas of dentistry, and this is continually being updated to comply with the latest standards of professional training.

posted: 22.06.09