Dr. med Barbara Krayenbuehl
Goethestrasse 22
8001 Zurich
Tel: (01) 253-2929

Dr. med Harry Pfrunder
Spezialarzt FMH fuer Dermotologie und Venerologie
Dermatology and Venereology
Gotthardstrasse 13
8800 Thalwil
Tel: (01) 720-3545

An Xpat reports: "He is a dermatologist who speaks great English and is very friendly."

An Xpat reports: "My husband and I both find Dr. Harry Pfrunder to be the kindest doctor we have met in Switzerland since arriving here over 2 years ago. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable, gentle, and considerate -- a complete professional. His office staff are kind as well, and that is always nice. I think a patient of his will always feel relaxed and in good hands when in his presence -- even if when they arrived at his office they were very nervous like I was when I needed to have some necessary minor surgery. Dr. Pfrunder is a wonderful doctor! We wish there were more just like him. (And he speaks English well too.)"

posted: 31.10.05