Alexander Technique
Dufourstrasse 131
5th Floor Praxis
8008 Zürich
Tel: 078 602 2853
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This method has been helping people achieve their objectives in many areas of life since 1894. By learning how to minimise stressful wrong body uses in everyday and professional activities you can regain health, improve performance and overcome difficulties. “I sleep much better”, “I no longer have back pain”, “I can play my music more fluidly”, I can sing with a greater richness of tone”, “I am more successful at my sport”, “I now feel confident enough to have a baby”, “I am less stressed at work”, “I now know how I can help myself”– these are the sorts of remarks made by people who have learnt the F.M. Alexander Technique. Doctors recommend it to help resolve many musculo-skeletal troubles because they realise that the Alexander Technique is more than a cure, it’s a psycho-physical re-education. Robin Simmons has been teaching this Technique since 1971 and as well as giving individual lessons he also runs an internationally approved teacher training school in Zürich. Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT.

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Jena Griffiths ~ Hand and Fingerprint Analysis
Tel: 077 413 2289
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Jena uses the powerful self discovery techniques of the International Institutue of Hand Analysis to help you identify your highest life path and to reveal your unique opportunities for growth.

Also, personality strengths and weaknesses can be clearly identified. Blocks and challenges are often visible, so are special talents and abilities (gift markings). Often people do not realise that they have untapped potential which, if left unused, causes turmoil in their lives.

Modern Hand Analysis is a non-predictive science. This means, it has nothing to do with fortune telling and predicting the future.

Jena Griffiths is an English speaking South African. She practices in both Sternenberg and downtown Winterthur.

Jena also does group readings for private parties (8 or more people) or corporate functions.

Fingerprint analysis can be effectively applied to couples, families, partnerships, teams or groups. By examining the fingerprints of each member of a group, collective dynamics are identified that include the shared purpose and specific challenges inherent to that family, business, or other group endeavour.

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T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Dufourstrasse 131
8008 Zürich
Tel: 078 602 28 53

also in Brig

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These gentle, subtle and beautifully flowing movements have been practised in China for 100d’s of years. T’ai Chi brings calmness, “centredness”, and focus. The movements are very pleasant to do and take very little time to perform every day, bringing the strength and gracefulness of meditation in action. Robin John Simmons has been teaching the Yang style of T’ai Chi since 1972. He has had a number of teachers, most notably Dr. Chi Chiang Tao. He has taught large groups and also individuals including Hollywood film stars. He is now teaching individuals in Zürich.  Robin Simmons SBAT MSTAT.

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Karin Andersson Hagelin
Grief Recovery Specialist®

Zurich Area
Tel:  +41 76 52 19 607
Skype: karinanderssonhagelin

What is the Grief Recovery Outreach Program, and how can it help you to move on in life?
This powerful and dynamic experience is the most sensible, accessible, and authentic plan available for recovery from loss.  It’s neither a support group, nor a drop-in program. It is an experiential, action-based 8-week individual Program or a 12-week Group Program with homework assignments, using the Grief Recovery Handbook written by John W. James and Russell Friedman.

You will look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, which losses that have affected your life, and take new actions that will lead you to completion of the pain attached to those losses.

As a result, our participants find that they are able to discover and complete what was left emotionally unfinished due to a death, a divorce, loss of a pet, major health change, financial change, children moving out or any other major loss or change in your life.
Myths about grief:

  • Time heals all wounds
  • Replace the loss
  • Grieve alone
  • Be strong for others
  • Bury your feelings
  • Keep yourself busy

I also offer an 8-week one-on-one Outreach Program in English, Swedish or German.

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Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.
Conscious Evolution/Spiritual Teacher/Life Coach
Body Mind Spirit

Rue de la Madeleine 5
1800 Vevey
Mobile ++ 41 79 438 5192
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Our whole planet has moved on to a higher dimension. Are you keeping up with the higher vibrations? In accordance with the Law of Attraction, your thought patterns create your life. I have over 20 years of experience of helping, guiding and empowering individuals of all backgrounds and professions in the art of independent thinking, self-development and consciousness evolution. I focus on mental training, meditation, to develop your intuition, be in union with your soul and develop your mind power to tap into the universal mind that knows all. This is particularly helpful to executives in business.

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