Niederdorfstrasse 18, 3rd floor
8001 Zürich
Tel: 076 403 3590
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Chinese Massage also known as Tuina, which includes Acupressure, Thai Massage, Foot reflexzone Massage, Face Massage.  These therapies are used for chronic headaches and pains of all kinds, neck, shoulders tension, lower back pain, leg or knee pains.

Help with concentration, memory, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stomach problems,and much more.

posted: 17.11.09

HJC The Perfect Wellness Massage 
8302 Kloten, Zurich
Tel: 076 328 75 13

Take the weight off your shoulders with a sublime massage from HJC Wellness Massage. Relax and enjoy a tranquil aromatherapy massage and discover new ways to feel sensational. I offer a strictly professional service that will help you feel like a new you again. An energising aromatherapy massage is deeply relaxing and will put a spring back in your step.

Let the rest of the world just melt away with an invigorating massage in 8302 Kloten, Zurich or even in the comfort or your own home with my mobile service.

I specialise in Swedish aromatherapy massage,  a great introductory massage which is firm but gentle, helping to relieve stress and tension.

60 chf / 30 mins
90 chf / 60 mins

Strictly a professional service for both women and men and by appointment only.

posted: 26.04.16



Massages & Kinesiology  Catherine Paquier-Roulin
Schärbächlistrasse 3
8810 Horgen
Tel:   043 244 02 17
Natel: 079 371 55 62

New in Horgen near Zürich :
our Massages & Kinesiology Practice offers therapeutic Massages recognized by most insurance providers. Our licensed massage therapist will take care of your sore neck, back or shoulder pain. Research has verified that Massage therapy also decreases the effects of anxiety, tension, and depression.

Cellulite reduction : We are the first practice near Zürich to offer cellulite reduction treatment with ICOONE : www.icoone.com

Kinesiology : we can help you regain energy and vitality at home, at work or at school. Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to get a good look at what is stressing your body and creating disorders.

Check our Website to learn more : www.massage-practice.ch

Call us for more information or to fix an appointment  043 244 02 17 or 079 371 55 62.

We look forward to seeing you in our Practice.

posted: 16.11.09

Health & Care Massagepraxis
Alte Landstrasse 61 a
8803 Rüschlikon
Tel: 079 765 25 56 

"I am a fully-licensed Massage Therapist (FA SRK) and practice lymphatic drainage, foot reflex, connective tissue and sport massage."

posted: 19.11.09

kobus.ch Reflexology, Shiatsu and Celtic Therapist
Praxisgemeinschaft Sonnenberg
Sonnenbergstrasse 36
8032 Zürich
043 243 77 81 / 076 535 72 85
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Free tryout 50 min Celtic, Shiatsu and Reflexology Therapy session? Call or mail Kobus to arrange an appointment.
Kobus studied Shiatsu, Reflexology and Celtic Therapy methods in the UK and Ireland. Qualified to treat head, back and neck pains, sleeping disorders, indigestion, neurological disorders, breathing difficulties, asthma, pregnancy pains, muscle and joint pains. These therapies boost the natural healing processes and immune system.
Languages spoken are English, German, Dutch, Afrikaans and French.
posted: 19.03.10 


Massage Therapy with Izabela Pirwitz-Kilinska
Central Zug, off Kolinplatz
Tel: 078 617 1234

Relaxing atmosphere, experienced therpist, ecellent service

- Massage & Bodywork Practice in Zug
- Thai Yoga Massage rituals,
- Hawaiian Bodywork
- Therapeutic/Medical massage
- Massage in pregnancy
- Esalen Massage
- Manicures and Pedicures
posted: 10.10.11
updated: 30.04.12