What is Kinesiology? According to Wikipedia, it's the Science of human movement. Click here for more.

Cabinet de thérapies complémentaires
Kinésiologie, Phytothérapie et Aura-thérapie
Grand-rue 1
1680 Romont/FR
079/607 81 24
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Contact : Mrs. Robin Brown-Frossard

Kinesiology is a holistic method that helps us make choices in the difficult moments of our lives. Using the muscular test, we are guided beyond our stressful reactions towards the center of our being. Here we are able once again to reconnect with our bodies, observe our feelings, re-consider our point of view and choose new, creative and concrete solutions to our life predicaments. Goals are set in order to move forward towards our well-being, respectful of the pace of our personal evolution. Difficulties in concentration, relationships, lack of motivation, stress management, overwhelming emotions, traumatic memories, existential questioning, acute tiredness… these are just some of the areas where kinesiology can be effective.

posted: 20.01.11