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Sangita Hothi Clinical Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practitioner

Tel: 078 90 503 78

Hypnotherapy  & Holistic Treatments
Need help to stop smoking?
Looking for a way to control anxiety and panic attacks?
Trying to battle weight or sleeping issues?
Need help to improve general well being?
Want to just decrease stress levels and relax?
Natural Resources can help you!

I can offer you a wide range of services from:-
*Hypnotherapy is a natural state of relaxation where you maintain awareness and control all the time. You may be surprised to learn that Hypnosis is a state that YOU allow yourself to enter on a daily basis without even being aware i.e. when you're absorbed by a good book or film and you experience emotions even though it is only fiction.
*Past life Regression - a natural state of Hypnosis where I can take you back to a previous life or memories. There may be events from your past that have affected who you are today and I can help you explore them. Or perhaps you would you like to know what happened in a previous life?
*Reiki Healing - a system of natural healing originating from Japan. Reiki means universal life energy is all around us and within all living things.
*Reflexology -  a therapeutic massage that targets the reflex points in the feet. This will allow detoxification of natural toxins in the body. Also very good for relaxation.
*Indian Head Massage - a massage that targets the pressure points in the head and also works with the neck and back using flowing motions to help release build up of tension and stress from every day life.
*Hot Stone Massage is a lovely warm massage using smooth rocks that are heated and then used for massage, ideal for targeting pain and general relaxation.
*Swedish Body Massage - Is a more vigourous massage, great for drainage of the Lymphatics and also good for helping with circulation and detoxification.

I am able to help you!
I practice in a peaceful and comfortable setting, I will work together with you in order for you to take back control and achieve some amazing results. I am an easy person to talk to, I am a great listener and I care about all my clients past and present. I was practising in the UK for several years and I have now decided to set up here in Zurich. Please contact me for a friendly chat over the phone or via email.  This will be done before your treatment has begun so questions can be asked and answered. I will not begin treatment until you are comfortable and happy to proceed.

How do I book a session? Call me on 078 90 503 78. If the answerphone comes on then please leave a message and I will call you back. (Any information given is confidential.) Alternatively use my website contact page

What if I have to cancel my appointment? If less than 24 hours notice is given I reserve the right to charge.

I look forwards to helping you to make a difference in your life. 

Mobile services is available on request.