Cantons of Swizterland:


AG Aargau
AR Appenzell Ausserrhoden
AI Appenzell Innerrhoden
BS Basel-Stadt
BL Basel-Landschaft
BE Berne
FR Fribourg
GE Geneva
GL Glarus
GR Graubünden
JU Jura
LU Lucerne
NE Neuchâtel
NW Nidwalden
OW Obwalden
SH Schaffhausen
SZ Schwyz
SO Solothurn
SG St. Gallen
TG Thurgau
TI Ticino
UR Uri
VS Valais
VD Vaud
ZG Zug
ZH Zurich

Grüezi Newcomer! Insider's guide around Lake Zürich 2009/2010.

This guide is a compilation of information for English speaking newcomers having recently settled or planning to relocate to Lake Zürich area (both sides of Lake Zürich including Obersee).

Grüezi Newcomer! Insider's guide around Lake Zürich 2009/2010 will be updated every 2 years and is based on facts and personal recommendations. It covers a broad range of subjects related to every day life and living such as managing administrative issues like finding a home and registering a car, searching for a job, organizing childcare, commuting, going out, and much more. Our aim is to facilitate newcomers' relocation to the area and their integration.

After surveying the market and talking with internationals and expatriates alike, we quickly realized the real need for a publication like this: up-to-date, finger tip recommendations in English, for a wider public and geographical area, and containing more concrete information than existing books available in the bookstore.

Where to find it? In Switzerland, available from:

  • Orell Füssli in Zürich
  • Lüthy & Stocker Buchhandlung in Zürich Sihlcity
  • BB 2000 Buchhandlung Seedamm Center, Pfäffikon SZ
  • Kreuz Papeterie und Buchhandlung in Rapperswil-Jona SG
  • Spiel- und Läselade in Lachen SZ
  • And can be ordered from any libraries and department stores in Switzerland with the ISBN number: 978-3-033-01973-7 as well as direct through

posted: 05.11.09