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AIR Magazine
Zurich Airport
8058 Zürich Flughafen

Switzerland's Travel and Lifestyle Magazine in English and German. Best travel tips in Switzerland and the world.

Yearly subscription is only Sfr. 15.

The Basel Journal
The greater Basel area 
A magazine for the greater Basel area, The Basel Journal has indepth reporting on local personalities, culture, art, business, news items and editorials.
What makes this magazine unique is that in the magazine, all articles are written in both English and German, presented side by side.  The is the first of its kind.
Beautiful photography and interesting behind the scenes reading, the magazine is hoping you will be part of the discussion on their web site.
Come join us!
To subscribe:  See web site
posted: 26.08.13

Bergli Books Ltd.
Ruemelinsplatz 19
4001 Basel
Tel: (061) 373-2777
Fax: (061) 373-2778
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Bergli Books publishes books in English on cross-cultural issues. We focus on issues like intercultural marriage, living and working in a new culture, making the most of cultural diversity in your background or in our working environment. Humor plays a big part in intercultural adaptation and our books."


Grüezi Newcomer! Insider's guide around Lake Zürich

This guide is a compilation of information for English speaking newcomers having recently settled or planning to relocate to Lake Zürich area (both sides of Lake Zürich including Obersee).

Grüezi Newcomer! Insider's guide around Lake Zürich will be updated every 2 years and is based on facts and personal recommendations. It covers a broad range of subjects related to every day life and living such as managing administrative issues like finding a home and registering a car, searching for a job, organizing childcare, commuting, going out, and much more. Our aim is to facilitate newcomers' relocation to the area and their integration.

After surveying the market and talking with internationals and expatriates alike, we quickly realized the real need for a publication like this: up-to-date, finger tip recommendations in English, for a wider public and geographical area, and containing more concrete information than existing books available in the bookstore.

Where to find it? In Switzerland, available at these stores or direct at

posted: 05.11.09, 26.08.13

hello_switzerland.jpgHello Switzerland

In light of our commitment to facilitating the integration of expats, Packimpex supports Hello Switzerland. This magazine is written by expats for expats living in Switzerland. It is designed mainly for English speakers; the magazine contains features, articles and information to help expats feel at home in Switzerland. Best of all, Packimpex is offering you the magazine free of charge! Subscribe online at

Their site is undercontruction - you can follow them on Facebook to learn more.

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In and around Zurich with Kids: a guide for parents

Essential reading for anyone who wants to find schools, babysitters, summer camps or a whole host of fun activities for themselves and their children. Over 400 pages packed full of information that parents crave, whether they have lived in Switzerland for 20 minutes or 20 years!

posted: 22.02.06


buy it here.

The ultimate guide for English-speakers in the Geneva, Vaud, and neighboring France areas. Check website for a complete list of sales points. Website also offers free classifieds, an important events calendar, updates for the current book, rating possibilities, etc. Get to know your area. You won't need anything else!

updated: 26.04.10, 23.08.10, 26.08.13

Mothering Matters journal – Parenting in Switzerland

Now an online magazine. And it's not just for mothers anymore. Take a look!

updated: 26.08.13



The National English Journal
12 issues / year
Tel: (044) 306-4700
Fax: (044) 306-4711
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Swiss News is Switzerland's only national English-language monthly news magazine, focusing exclusively on Swiss news and events from the expat perspective. We cover politics, business, news, sports, culture, places to go and people to know. You can find us at major kiosks and English bookstores (Orell Fussli in Zurich and Off The Shelf in Geneva) or by subscribing online.

updated: 03.02.10, 28.12.10

AngloPhone Information Services
Swiss Style Magazine
15, quai du Cheval Blanc
1227 Carouge
Tel: (022) 304-4304
Fax: (022) 304-4300
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AngloPhone Information Services provides extensive information on Switzerland via the phone (phone:0900 576 444), Swiss Style magazine and the web to Business Travellers, Residents and Tourists.


Tales from a Small Planet
Internet only literary magazine for expatriates
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tales from a Small Planet, a non-profit web magazine and online resource,features Real Post Reports: honest reports on living conditions abroad from diplomats and other expatriates all over the world. It also offers lively and evocative writing about the expat experience, information on all aspects of international living, and interactive support through our email groups and message boards. For the real story on what it's like to live overseas, visit .


The New Stork Times
The Parenting Source for Switzerland
Waesserwies 11
8712 Staefa
Tel: (01) 926-5748
Fax: (01)926-5935
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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