2protect GmbH
Herostrasse 7
CH-8048 Zürich
+41 43 488 65 65
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2protect Centre – THE LARGEST KRAV-MAGA CENTER IN SWITZERLAND. Since August 2011 we teach ALSO IN ENGLISH!

Krav-Maga is a modern self-defence system well known for its simplicity and extreme efficiency. It involves striking, wrestling and grappling techniques suitable for defence against unarmed assailant as well as a weapon threat.

2protect Center in Zurich Altstetten offers 18 classes per week, Monday – Saturday in German and English.

Our classes are suited to any age or level of physical condition. We offer:
 regular courses for men and women
 special courses for women
 special courses on various defence techniques

Krav-Maga allows you to improve quickly your mental and physical condition. We work on:
 defence techniques
 strength, speed, endurance
 mobility, balance, coordination.

We do have everything for a good training:
 qualified instructors
 comfortable facilities
 and friendly atmosphere!
And important - we don’t want you to get hurt, so the exercises are devised in a way to avoid traumas.

Please visit our website available in German and English for detailed information.

www.self-defence.ch/en/zuerich or www.selbstverteidigungskurs.ch

An Xpat Reports:
In case anyone is looking for a good self-defence (Krav-Maga) school is Zurich, I would suggest 2protect Center in Zurich Altstetten. I’ve been attending this center for a bit more than a year and can recommend this place to those who are interested in self-defence, regardless of the age or previous experience. I was pleasantly surprised about the positive and friendly atmosphere – personally, I find it quite important for such classes. The schedule is quite flexible, almost 20 lessons per week plus regular seminars…
The good thing is that since August this year they are also offering classes in English. In my case it helps since I speak just a little German, though it didn’t bother me that much even during the previous months, as instructors have been always able to explain the techniques in English as well.

posted: 20.12.11

New Karate Classes for Beginners
Tel: (031) 332-0789
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New karate classes/courses staring in Bern this September for beginners aimed at adults from the ex-pat/diplomatic community. Become fitter, meet new people and learn an interesting and useful form of self defense in a friendly atmosphere.

'Something you've always wished to do and never got around to'

Epecially suitable for men/women 30yrs +

The opportunity to take part in promotion examinations will also be available.

Graham Flood-Hunt is a senior instructor born in the UK, now based in Switzerland. For more details please contact him by phone/e-mail.