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Antiques International

"My blog normally is an educational tool on antiques and some weird/quaint stories over the years.Also some of the great buys in and around Zurich and the smaller villages. Tips on cleaning and taking care of your antiques. Forming a collection for the future etc.

I update on the fairs that we will be attending(giving details of venue and participants) and inviting all XpatXchange clients to be my guest at these events and afford them a discount without asking -All they need to do is mention where they found us.(XpatXchange)."

Basel or Bust

Eva Geneva

"Eva about Geneva, life, love and more. More than what you know..."

Expat Blog

This site links you to expat blogs from all over the world. There is a directory so you can see those made by expats in Switzerland. As of today (20.01.07) there are 33 from Switzerland. You can also create one here too.


ExpatCH is an occasionally informative, sometimes entertaining, hopefully humorous blog about one new expat's (mis)adventures in CH.

Globetrotting in Heels

"Musings and ramblings about expat life, fashion, parenting and general nonsense."

green apfel - life and art in Basel

"Tangy, juicy, and fresh: the green apfel reviews and previews culture events in Basel, Switzerland."

Gundeli Area of Basel

What's hot and new in Gundeli! This is a blog about new openings, places to be and hot venues in Gundeli. Gundeli or Gundeldingen is an area of the city of Basel in Switzerland. The blog stopped in 2012, but still has some good information about this area.

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"Get out & Go"

My Friend from Zurich

A new independent travel blog about shopping, leisure and events in Zurich. Like a real friend, users can ask all kinds of questions and we’ll answer them on the blog. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

New In Zurich

Great blog about everything Zurich - make sure you subscribe so you're always up to date. Or follow on Facebook!

posted: 03.12.14

Philippe Wiget Photography Blog

Philippe Wiget is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Zurich area who documents fine weddings anywhere in Switzerland and internationally. He is available for wedding, family, children, baby and event photography. 
posted: 23.06.09

Schwingen in Switzerland

Schwingen, also known as Swiss wrestling, is one of Switzerland’s national sports.  Join us as we learn about Schwingen, chocolate and everything else Swiss as American expats in Geneva.   This blog chronicles our adjustment to our new lives abroad, our wonderful experiences and our continued efforts not make complete idiots of ourselves.  To make the most of our adventure, we often travel in and outside of Switzerland.  We also try to experience as much local culture as possible. 


A Swiss-American Life

Great blog about life in CH - with lots of photos too. Very enjoyable! Now archived.


This Non-American Life

"Professional American woman gets married, quits her job, and moves to yet another foreign country all in a couple weeks. These are her adventures in Zurich and beyond."

Photos Primarily of Zurich


Swiss Wine Blog

Fine Swiss Wine is dedicated to the world of Swiss wine. The eclectic nature of Switzerland and its knack for quality is reflected in the Swiss wine, making both Switzerland and its wine well worth exploring.


Twissted Swisster

An American moves to Switzerland. Archived.

Basel Blog


Daniel Zihlmann Photography - BLOG

Daniel Zihlmann is a photographer based in Switzerland. He works internationally as a portrait, event and wedding photographer. He specializes in portraiture (including family, maternity and baby photographs), high end events and wedding photojournalism/destination weddings. His english/german blog is about his work and daily life in Switzerland. Archived.

The Zurich English Student
written for the students by the students