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Limited editions and custom made portraits. Especially the latter can be a wonderful gift or simply decorating your own wall.

posted: 11.04.10

Christian Iserland

Born in Zürich, I have been exposed to various cultures, living in Switzerland, France, South America and Germany. From my father, an engineer, I inherited the interest for technology (I studied at the ETHZ) and from my mother I received the artistic vibes. I combined both influences in exploring multimedia, video and digital artwork.

Photography and architecture are for me two very similar types of art, where light, volumes and colours play essential roles. But while architecture expresses itself through volumes and surfaces, photography is confined to the projection of these volumes onto a surface. In this work I tried to give my vision of architecture through the lens of the camera, the choice of a specific moment and frame which reflects my vision of architecture. I have tried to create a glimpse of abstraction to reveal the poetry of these shapes.
I try to find angles and frames which aren’t obvious to the viewer. I like to see people who ask themselves „what is it, what does it represent? Is it photography, is it painting?“ My goal is to leave enough room for everybody’s imagination.

115x86                                    115x86

115x86                                    115x86

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Nathalie Detsch Southworth


Mini Bio:
Born on April 16th, 1971, in Zurich, Switzerland
Married to Jonathan Southworth, two children 
1996 – 1999 Art school (FSG, Olten), Switzerland
since 1999 working in my own studio

Exhibitions: (only some)
2001 Gallery Wameling, Baden, Switzerland
2002 Community Council Office, Gebenstorf, Switzerland
2003 Gallery Lips Art, Zollikerberg/Zurich
2004 Project „Lichtfeld 4“, Basel, Switzerland
2004 Gallery Kunstforum, Seligenstadt, Germany
2004 Galerie V.I.P. Interiors, Barbizon, France

posted: 01.04.05