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Online shop selling the fabulous LUXE City guides from the worlds coolest guidebook publisher. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to contain hundreds of hand selected entries of the very best each city has to offer. LUXE city guides are distilled from the recommendations of people who actually live in the city itself, and collated by a resident editor.

For six years LUXE City Guides has quietly changed the face of travel guides, starting from scratch we re-thought the whole concept of why and how we all travel, of what we need when we get there and most importantly, what we don't. LUXE is now famous for its super-svelte format, and its take no prisoners attitude, avoiding all the padding, photos, graphics and blah of other guides and getting straight to the meat. The result – ultra-smart travel companions stacked with priceless information for the discerning, value-conscious and busy traveller.

In the notoriously fickle worlds of fashion, food and entertainment other guides are hopelessly out of date even by the time they reach the bookstore shelf. LUXE City Guides are not only updated each year, but come with monthly online updates. So by the time you get to your destination, all you need do is relax, because if it’s not in LUXE, you’re not missing anything. Hyper-opinionated, irreverent, bright and fun to read, whether you have a few hours or a few days, LUXE really is all you need. Oh, and you’ll never hear us refer to our readers as tourists. With LUXE you’re a visitor. It’s a big difference.

"LUXE city guides have achieved near cult status" The NEW YORK TIMES.  "So cutting edge, you could be lacerated if you are not up to its cool pace" VANITY FAIR

LUXE City Guides. Fasten your seatbelt! The perfect wedding, birthday or Christmas present. We ship anywhere in the world.

posted: 11.08.09