Arts and Crafts

summary: This group is created for creative minds.Every one has hobbies and would like to pursue them in free time. This group is for men and women living in Switzerland to discuss about their hobbies and any new creative idea or new projects or just to share with others pictures/photos of their new/old creations or new recipe or views about a new movie or a book or gardening or Craft with Kids and motivate others to do something new and exiciting.
So jump in and spread the joy!

Get Inspired and Be Inspired!

posted: 29.10.07

Dog Owners in Switzerland

This group is for all dog owners (present
and future) in Switzerland.

We can share with each other info on dog kennels,
places to go with our dogs, information on dog
behaviour, where to adopt dogs, as well as arrange
to meet each other for dog walks.

Scottish Country Dancers in Switzerland:

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Body Art in Switzerland:

For Toastmasters and those interested in communication

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